Transcarpathian Film Commission is a non-profit entity (technically, a Foundation) created to attract to Transcartpathia investments in the field of audio-visual production (commercials, television and cinema) to create jobs and to support the creation and the development of local service companies and suppliers.

The second goal is to give regional locations a greater visibility thanks to more exposure on small and big screens. Transcarpathian Film Commission provides free services to production companies (Ukrainian and foreign) in all stages of the production process (development, pre-production, preparation, production) assisting them in during recces, research of location images, relationships with local professionals and authorities.

Transcarpathian Film Commissions offers very competitive fares for hotel, restaurants and other services. During the shooting we set up a one-stop office for permits.

On selected projects, Transcarpathian Film Commissions helps production companies to find local financial support.

Please contact us with your questions about shooting in the Transcarpathian region. We speak Filmmaking.